YOGA: DO AND DON’TS – #1 The Best Orthopedics in Siliguri & North Bengal – Dr. Ujjwal Kejriwal

#1 The Best Orthopedics in Siliguri & North Bengal - Dr. Ujjwal Kejriwal
#1 The Best Orthopedics in Siliguri & North Bengal - Dr. Ujjwal Kejriwal

Yoga, since time immemorial, has been healing people. The entire world marvels at the significant benefits that yoga offers to us. People from every nook and corner of the world flock to yoga centers and classes to seek benefits of yoga under the guidance of trained professionals. 

Now, you have to do yoga in a certain manner, if you do not it can cause immense harm to your wellbeing. There are certain dos and don’ts regarding Yoga that should be followed.


  • Don’t push yourself to the extreme. Know your limits and do not push yourself beyond what you can do. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. Pain is the signal to stop.
  • Don’t start off with tough yoga postures. Know them well; Kripalu, Viniyoga and Integral are the gentle types of yoga, whereas Ashtanga, Bikram and Power Yoga are inappropriate for beginners or inflexible people. Visit the classes, observe and then do them for yourself.
  • In the midst of stormy blowing winds or unclean areas don’t conduct yoga asanas, as it will only harm the internal organs only.
  • During yoga asanas, the dirt within the internal organs of the body is directed towards the vesica, thereby shortly after finishing yoga, one ought to discharge their wastages. So, any natural discharge should not be held back forcefully for an elongated time period. Do not hold back or suppress inborn reflexes, coughs, etc.


  • Wear comfortable clothing, not too tight, not too loose. You can have bare feet or yoga socks, which are socks with open toes relatively comfortable for yoga postures.
  • Let your instructor know about your injury or health condition that might be intensified by the session and act in accordance with their guidance.
  • Always do yoga on a leveled floor on a blanket or thick yoga mat as doing yoga on a rough floor without any sort of cushioning present for your body will ultimately harm it.
  • Yoga should be done without haste or exhaustion in your mind and body, always do them in a fresh mood.

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