TOP QUERIES ASKED ON PEDIATRIC ORTHOPEDICS: #1 The Best Orthopedics in Siliguri & North Bengal – Dr. Ujjwal Kejriwal

#1 The Best Orthopedics in Siliguri & North Bengal - Dr. Ujjwal Kejriwal
#1 The Best Orthopedics in Siliguri & North Bengal - Dr. Ujjwal Kejriwal

The term ‘Pediatric’ means the branch of medicine that involves the medical care of infants, children and adolescents. Treatment of the joints, muscles and bones and any sort of issues related with them with the help of medicines of children ranging from infants to teenagers is known as Pediatric Orthopedics.

Often parents ignore the orthopedic issues of their children by simply suggesting them to be ‘growth of the body’, which if not diagnosed and treated at the correct time would cause problems later. And, often parents do not quite understand how to deal with their child’s pains, so they usually have some queries. A few of the top queries related to Pediatric Orthopedics are as follows:

  • My child is having pain after falling down, when should he/she see an Orthopedist?

If there is an acute injury and a high level of concern then certainly the child/adolescent should be seen (i.e., can’t bear weight, significant swelling, etc.) by a pediatric orthopedist.

However, I would caution parents about bringing the child in a few days after the injury if they are on the fence. Many lower grade athletic injuries in children and adolescents resolve in one to two weeks with a little rest and observation. If it has been a week or more than it and the pain persists, then I would be thinking more about bringing the child in to be seen by an orthopedist.

If the injury or pain is more chronic, then a good rule of thumb is to bring them in when the pain stops them from doing what they like to do.

And, lastly any joint or bone pain associated with fevers, redness, or swelling should be evaluated more urgently because children and adolescents can get bone and joint infections that would not surface in an adult because of the blood supply crossing their open growth plates.

  • Can school going students have some sort of spinal cord or back related issues in future, due to the heavy bag they have to carry every day to school?

Wearing a massive backpack results in increased muscle tension, resulting in abnormal posture and spinal alignment, which can cause severe spinal deformities. While children might not show symptoms or experience pain straight away, in the long term they are developing imbalances in the body which can affect the health of the nervous system.

Also wearing heavy school bags can actually affect your growth, as it compresses the spine; and by compressing the spine it limits your growth and how tall you’ll stay.

To avoid this, I would like to suggest having the children give broad padded straps for symmetrical distribution of weight and take as little books as possible.

  • Due to this pandemic situation, the children at home do not have any sort of physical activity, so this is quite harming them and their fitness. Can you please suggest some exercises for enhancing their physical fitness, so that no problem arises in future for their bone developments?

Regular physical activity is an important part of our overall health, not just for us adults, but also for growing children. Being active not only improves a child’s physical health, but also offers emotional and mental health benefits, such as improving attention span, good metabolism and cheerful mind.

Some of the indoor exercises for the children at home during this pandemic situation are as follows:

  • Take short active breaks during the day in the midst of the strenuous online classes.
  • Stream kid-friendly workout videos online and encourage them to follow those with you.
  • Have a walk together, be it morning or evening one together. This could also be a fun family time.
  • Do yoga together.
  • Jumping jacks.
  • Balancing on one foot.
  • Follow the leader (take turns picking movements).
  • Hopscotch (place tape on the floor)0
  • Dancing to music
  • Fill up a balloon and do not let it touch the ground.

In this way, you can both have fun and exercise together with your child.

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